Drink Two Liters of Water

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Drink Two Liters of Water


Drink Two Liters of Water


In our previous article entitled Simple Things to Lose Weight, we concluded that the most important of these simple things is drinking large amounts of water. We said that what is common is for a person to drink about two liters of water, but we also said that studies say that this is the accepted average and that a person may need to drink A different amount of water depending on the details of his health condition, activity, and the atmosphere around him. Here we will try to put some tips explaining how to drink two liters of water.

We said that trying to follow this advice by drinking enough water may not be easy, and that it requires training and getting used to. In the following lines, we will try to present some ideas that may help you drink enough water throughout the day.

Drinking Water:

  • Recommended amount: While 2 liters is a common recommendation, individual needs may vary depending on factors like health, activity level, and climate.
  • Start your day with water: This can improve hydration and muscle function. However, some people might experience side effects like nausea, so listen to your body.
  • Water before meals: This can help with satiety and reduce food intake.
  • Drinking with meals: Although some theories exist, the overall impact on digestion is unclear.
  • Choose water over sugary drinks: Water is the best way to hydrate and avoid unnecessary calories.
  • Beware of additives in drinks: Be mindful of added sugars, sweeteners, and other substances in beverages.
  • Green tea benefits: Studies suggest green tea might have health benefits, but its role in weight loss or disease prevention needs further research.

Additional Points:

  • Alcohol and vinegar: Excessive alcohol is harmful to the body. While homemade vinegar can be a healthy option, ensure proper fermentation to minimize the alcohol content.
  • Disclaimer: This information is for general knowledge and is not intended as medical advice. Consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

A cup of water when you wake up

On your way to drink two liters of water, One of the most popular pieces of advice circulating in this field is for a person to start his day with a cup of water in the morning when he wakes up. This cup of water will provide hydration to the body, allowing the muscles to move flexibly without feeling any resistance resulting from dehydration. However, we must note that some people may feel side effects from drinking water in the morning with an empty stomach. It must be noted that the water is not cold, meaning that it is at least at the same temperature as the body, and we must try to delay eating after drinking this cup of water, so that some people believe that this cup of water can replace breakfast, although we do not recommend that. At the very least, there should be enough time between drinking water in the morning and breakfast. It is natural that after eating breakfast, the size of the breakfast will be smaller.

a glass of water at morning
a glass of water at morning

Although drinking water immediately before food may affect the concentration of gastric juice, drinking water sufficiently before meals may prevent us from eating a large amount of food. There is also some information about drinking a glass of water while eating. There are even those who say that drinking a drink after every bite of food may lead to eating a much smaller amount of food. Especially after it was confirmed that the issue of belly fat has nothing to do with drinking water with food.

We must note that consuming water in its natural form, pure, fresh water, is the best form of consuming fluids that are beneficial to the body, but there are some other forms that may provide the body with fluids, such as juices that contain a large amount of water and some beneficial substances such as mineral salts that are found In the natural fruit from which the juice was made and some vitamins. This is if the juice is natural, such as if I squeeze an orange at home and drink the juice. Although this juice is natural, no sugars or preservatives have been added to it. What has been done is to remove the fibers that the orange contains. For example, keeping the rest of the ingredients and thus the final result is an increase in the percentage of sugars in this juice. Although it is a healthy liquid, it is not the best. We also mention that making tea and coffee are all fluids that provide the body with a kind of hydration, but we must be aware of the added amounts of sugars, calories, or even other substances that may cause some dehydration to the body. For example, after drinking coffee, we must drink some water. Perhaps this explains that providing Coffee In many cultures, we find that a small cup of coffee has a large cup of water next to it, so that a cup of water is more than twice the amount of a cup of coffee. The secret to this is that coffee contains caffeine, which greatly dehydrates us, so it is natural and logical that we… Drinking coffee must provide the body with sufficient water to compensate for the dehydration it may cause.

Stay away from carbonated water

In the same scope of consideration and ensuring that the hydration and drink two liters of water is in a healthy manner, we should pay attention to the fact that not all liquids have the same health value. We must try to completely stay away from carbonated water and any drinks that are sweetened by adding large amounts of sweeteners, whether natural or artificial, especially since all types of soft water, whatever they are, contain substances that, if not harmful, are not beneficial, and with the presence of unnatural substances mixed with it to give it color and taste, all of these substances, even if they do not contain direct calories, are still a burden on the liver and kidneys.

Just because carbonated water contains only soda and caffeine, it is not the ideal choice for anyone who wants to maintain his health or who wants to treat his body optimally. Even if it is decaffeinated, it still contains some of it, and if it is diet soda, then with the absence of sugar, which may lead to tooth decay, other substances have been added to replace sugar. Most of these substances, although their direct harm or causing some diseases have not been proven with certainty, are still the subject of many questions.

Avoid additives with drinks

tea with cake or sweet
tea with cake or sweet

We must also pay attention to trying to get used to drinking only juice, tea or coffee as much as possible, because getting used to drinking juice with some cake or baked goods or eating a piece of candy with every cup of tea means that if I drink seven cups of tea a week and with every cup, a piece of cake, I have added a large amount of calories to my body just by following this habit—tea with cake—and when I am able to give up a piece of cake and just be satisfied with a cup of tea, I will have abandoned a habit that puts several hundred calories into my body every day. Without logical justification.

Let us not go far from tea and coffee before we emphasize that drinking tea in its natural, normal state is perhaps the best state for consuming it, meaning just tea, just dried plant leaves that we put in hot water and drink after that. The same applies to coffee, and what we mean here is that we have moved away from a piece of cake with tea or coffee. We would like to drink tea only without any additives such as milk, cream, or different flavors, simply because with every addition we are increasing the useless calories added to a cup of tea or a cup of coffee.

It is common that green tea is more beneficial than black tea, and the idea is simply that the difference between green tea and black tea is that green tea is the leaves of the plant that have been picked and dried, while black tea has the leaves roasted and exposed to high temperatures, which gives them the usual color and flavour. If green tea is not roasted, it contains a greater amount of beneficial substances for the body, and there are sayings linking drinking green tea to avoiding the risk of contracting some diseases.

As for all the benefits of tea, coffee, and other drinks, such as cinnamon and most drinks that are used in all countries, some drinks are famous for the fact that studies have been conducted on the tea drink and they found that it has such and such benefits, and about coffee they found that it helps in losing weight or that it may lead to stopping weight loss or A drink helps reduce the risk of diabetes.

different kinds of tea
different kinds of tea

The summary of our advice for all of these drinks is, firstly, that we can use them within the scope of prevention, that is, before a person gets sick and the person is not sick, he can include in his daily regimen a cup of coffee, a cup of green tea, a cup of cinnamon, a cup of hibiscus, or any other drinks that are made. In the recommended manner, and drinking it from time to time, there is no objection to it.

But if a person tries to use these drinks only alone to treat a medical condition, this may have major consequences, and the reason for this is that even the studies that were known on some of these herbs were short-term studies, meaning that they were for several days or even weeks, and they were also on the basis of A very limited number of people, and some studies were only conducted on animals, and on many of these herbs or plants we sometimes find conflicting studies and results. There is also an important problem: if I want to use a plant to treat a disease, how will we determine the quantities and working methods in the kitchen? Whoever makes tea or coffee can never deal with sufficient accuracy to reach the level of what is done in laboratories when preparing medicines. Accordingly, taking what is known about all of these plants may be good and acceptable in the case of prevention and not in the case of treatment, especially when it is proven that there is a specific disease and it has a known treatment.

Alcohols and vinegar

Among the liquids that may enter the body in large quantities are alcoholic beverages, which have been proven with time, experiments and studies to be not beneficial in any way to the body, and any alcoholic beverage of the intoxicating type. What I mean here are alcohols resulting from the fermentation of sugars in known ways. All of these alcohols in any proportion. Whatever it is, it is considered a burden, additional work, and unjustified exhaustion of the liver.

Here I am reminded of an important note for those who make vinegar at home. Many people are now trying to make vinegar at home, which is a good method and seems healthy at first glance, but what we must pay attention to is that most of those who want to make vinegar at home usually have a primary goal, which is to obtain… Vinegar is in the best way beneficial to the body and at the best price, especially since the prices of good types are very expensive, so people resort to making vinegar at home, but we must pay attention here to the fact that we must make the vinegar quickly and leave it as much as possible even after it is proven that the fermentation process has been completed and that it has become We have vinegar. The biggest problem here may be the rush to use vinegar because there is always a percentage of alcohol present in the vinegar, and since whoever manufactures it at home certainly does not have accurate tools to measure the percentage of alcohol present in the vinegar, and therefore, although vinegar is formed After two months, I think that the best way is to leave the vinegar behind after two months, perhaps another six months, until the largest amount of alcohol has evaporated. This is to reduce the amount of alcohol that can enter our body with the vinegar that we prepared at home. Since we want to provide our body with natural and healthy vinegar, it would not hurt us to slow down a little to achieve the best picture and the best result when using the vinegar that we manufacture.

cup of tea
cup of tea

I also hope that any advice in this article will be taken into consideration and linked to the ideas in the previous article: Simple Things for Losing Weight, while emphasizing that everything contained on our pages is general information and is not intended for the reader to try to treat himself or treat others. When any Symptoms or when you want to get medical advice, you should go to your treating physician, as he is the only person whose advice you should follow when dealing with your health problems.

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