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Colompo Academy Responsibilities.

Instructor responsibilities.

Initial guidance notes.

PayPal primary method of payment

Bank to bank payment within the UK.

Payment between England and any bank in Europe or any other region of the world.

Cash Payment


On this page, the terms “first party” (Colompo, Colompo Company, Colompo Royal Academy, Management, Work Team, Colompo Team, We) all mean one entity, which is the first party responsible for managing the academy, its pages, and its website, and which plays the role of mediator and arbitrator between the second party and the third party. .

The term “second party” (instructor, trainer, teacher, content creator, or seller) refers to the person who agrees with the first party to place content on the site for the purpose of providing a free or paid service to the third party.

A third party (the learner, the buyer, etc.), all with the same meaning, is the person who will obtain a service provided by the site for free or in exchange for paying a sum of money.

Every teacher or anyone who wishes to become a teacher cooperating with the Academy must be aware that all the information contained on this page and the rest of the pages, such as our policy page or about Colompo, all together represent a general agreement between the teacher and the Academy, so the teacher must read and review these pages. From time to time, to be aware of any developments or changes made by the academy in its policy that may affect his relationship and dealings with us.

All information contained on all of these pages about the site’s policy is subject to change, addition, and deletion according to legal developments and what the Academy’s administration may deem to be helpful to the Academy reaching its general objectives and what may improve the quality of the service provided by the Academy.

Colompo Academy Responsibilities

The Academy is committed to providing all the information it deems necessary to all parties on the site through the original site pages or through social networking pages. It also sends what it deems necessary through the e-mail address of each member, whether teacher or learner.

The Academy is committed to everything contained in all international conventions and laws specifying such relationships, such as not selling member information or providing it willingly and directly to any party for the purpose of making money through that information.

The Academy and everyone who manages it work to provide a good climate for doing work, such as providing the best quality of services provided and renting the best servers and services available to it within its budget that ensure the quality of experience for all site users. The Academy should work to maintain a complete copy of the content on the site’s server and on special devices, so that if any emergency occurs, the Academy will have the largest possible amount of content and any loss of content will be minimal.

The administration must work on the content control panel to make the content compatible with search engine optimization, but so that this does not affect the general meaning of the content.

Any guidance provided by the Academy or a member of its team through any means of communication with the teacher as a provider of content on the Academy’s website is always within the framework of a general atmosphere of friendship and an attempt to provide guidance for the common good of both parties, the teacher and the Academy, and also for the benefit of the learner as a party interacting with the content.

The Academy is committed to preserving the teacher’s full rights as long as they do not conflict with any general laws. The Academy makes every effort to ensure that the teacher obtains his moral and legal rights for his content and is committed to making every effort so that the content provided by the teacher is not used or reused in a way that does not satisfy him. without his consent and knowledge.

In the event of any dispute occurring between a teacher and a learner, the academy plays the role of arbitrator and mediator to try to resolve the dispute between the two parties as much as possible. Within this framework, the Academy may stop dealing with the material related to the dispute until the dispute at issue is decided, and the Academy may stop any payments due from the student. The content or material is the subject of the dispute, and if payment has been made to the teacher, the teacher must adhere to the policy of returning financial dues until the problem is resolved.

The Academy is only committed to be providing advice and guidance on the content and is not bound by any judicial or criminal responsibilities that may result from any dispute or problems that may occur to any teacher as a result of the content he provides. If it is necessary for the Academy to provide its information, content, or any material related to the teacher to any legal authority, the Academy is committed to providing everything legally requested of it.

The Academy is not obligated to make any compensation for the loss of any content that may occur during transfer between devices or from the teacher’s device to the server or from the server to any place. Therefore, the Academy emphasizes that every teacher always keeps a copy on his device or on the electronic cloud or any means that allows the content not to be lost. In the event of any emergency occurring on the academy’s site.

The director or administrator of the site, or whoever performs his work or represents him, must direct the teacher in a friendly manner with any comments that he deems useful to enrich the content of the site, whether in the courses or any content on the site – and the teacher must respond to the comments submitted by the site within a period necessary Do not require 72 hours – during this time the site manager or his representative has the right to transfer the content to the archive so that it is not available to users until the necessary changes are made.

The director, the site administrator, or his representative may make changes that he deems useful to the content provided by any teacher, and this must be with the consent of both parties for the teacher to allow the director to make the changes if the teacher is unable to make them – such as a lack of experience in the field. Or it is not possible to connect to the Internet at the specified time, and the site manager and whoever performs his role must also accept to bear the effort and any cost that may be necessary to make the required change.

In the event that both parties are not satisfied with making the change, the content will remain in the site’s archive for a maximum period of two weeks, so that the teacher can make the required change or keep the content that he added on the site and make changes to it on his device and then re-upload it, or if he wants to keep a copy for himself. From his work on his personal device

The Academy reserves the right to demand verification of the identities of all members of the site, especially teachers, and all those who provide any support or assistance. In order to verify the identity, it may adopt all known methods in such cases, such as obtaining a copy of the identity verification. In some cases, Colompo may demand that the member By making a short video of him holding his personality test in his hand, the image of the personality test is clearly shown next to the member’s face. If the member does not do this when requested, the academy will temporarily block his account and all his posts on the site for a period of two weeks so that he can send what was requested of him. If he does not respond, the account will be completely blocked, and all posts on the site will be deleted.

Colompo and its support team are committed to responding directly or sending a link containing information that answers any questions received from members as soon as possible.

Colompo pays any dues to the teacher for any paid courses when it is confirmed that the process is complete and will not be reversed. When paying through PayPal, the teacher’s dues are transferred immediately when it appears from the payment data that the learner has confirmed that the person who made the payment process is the learner. Or his guardian or his representative receives the service, and he agrees to pay and does not have the right to return and claim what was paid within the framework of the right of return policy within a specific period.

Instructor responsibilities

The teacher must provide all the information necessary to prove his original identity to the academy administration through the website, such as filling in his name, address, and bank information to collect payments. Although Colompo Academy prefers to use PayPal as the primary means of payment, it requires filling out bank information to verify the true identity of those who register.

The teacher must also fulfill any requests to confirm his true identity, such as sending a photo of the identity card or a video of him holding the identity test next to his face.

The teacher must post as much as possible to prove his eligibility to teach the subject he is teaching by posting his academic data and all the qualifications or educational courses he has obtained. He can post pictures or links to pictures of these qualifications if the site administration wishes to verify the information provided. .

The teacher must provide exclusive and original content for the site.

The teacher does everything necessary, including placing watermarks or appearing in the content himself, to prove his right to the content.

Any information in the content, including watermarks, must not point to another site that may prompt the recipient to leave the Colompo site and go to another site, or direct contact information such as the teacher’s phone numbers or a link to his private site. This is a violation of the work strategy on the academy’s website, so the academy must Colompo acts as a mediator and arbitrator between the teacher and the students to establish any educational relationship between them.

In the event that any of the watermarks containing contact information—phone numbers or links to other sites—for the teacher appear outside the Colompo Academy website, the Academy reserves the right to stop all dealings with the teacher who committed this violation, and it also states and confirms that any activity occurs as a result of this. The behavior between two parties outside the site does not bear any responsibility for this.

The teacher is fully responsible for any repercussions that occur as a result of the lack of originality and exclusivity of the content and the transfer from any party, person, or source without permission for him to have the right to transfer and take from the source if there happens to be some kind of dispute or objection from any person to the quality of the content or to pay. Another person claimed that the teacher did not have the right to use the content.

First, the academy administration will transfer the content to the site archive as soon as possible so that it cannot be seen by students and will only be available to the administration to review the content and attempt to decide on this claim of lack of right to use.

If it is proven that the teacher is not entitled to provide the content in the educational course, he will be obligated to return any payments made based on the activity.

The teacher is fully legally responsible before all government agencies and the judiciary for any problems that may result from the content that he places on the academy’s website.

The teacher is obligated to try to resolve any problems, disputes, or disputes with any learner or purchaser of the service in his capacity as a parent of a learner, by asking them to clarify the reason for their dissatisfaction with the service, trying to clarify any ambiguity in the matter, and providing any assistance that may make them obtain a better experience with what he provides to them before To transfer the dispute to the Colompo administration.

Any material used in the content that the teacher submits to the Royal Colompo Academy website must either be created by the teacher or must have a license from the original content owner with the right to reuse it or the content must be within the framework of a free content agreement that allows anyone to reuse it.

We oblige the teacher to provide additional and exclusive content and an attempt to enrich the topic he is covering, even if he is relying on open-source information.

The teacher must verify and test that the links he shares work well and correctly, and that the content to be included is easy for the learner to access, such as YouTube videos or other platforms, as well as links to books from cloud storage service platforms.

The teacher is fully responsible for providing all the necessary information about the course and filling out all the required data regarding the subject of the educational course that he lists on the academy’s website.

The teacher agrees that the site administration has the right to intervene in the content on the pages that appear to search engines and make the necessary changes to be in line with what is required by the search engine optimisations guidelines, so that the content of the pages is in line with the requirements of search engines, and this interference does not affect the content of the educational course.

The teacher has every right and complete freedom to determine the price of the courses he offers on the site, and any communication from the management team in this regard will be a matter of consultation and advice, but the first and last right to determine the price of the courses belongs to the teacher first and last. The administration will not interfere through the website programming by changing the prices of any courses in any way.

The teacher is committed to the instructions of the payment policy and wait for the expiry of the return policy period. Once these conditions are met, the academy will transfer the teacher’s dues to his account in PayPal.

The trainer acknowledges that he has read everything contained on this page in detail in its original English language, and that he is fully responsible for everything contained therein, and that any error or misunderstanding resulting from negligence in reading or from electronic translation methods falls on his responsibility, and that the academy completely disclaims its responsibility for any of these errors

The teacher acknowledges that he has read and fully understood everything stated in the academy’s responsibilities clause and that he permits everything stated therein, agrees to all instructions therein, and is legally committed to its provisions.

Initial guidance notes

The Academy is working to make its website server work in the best condition and with the best available capabilities in terms of quality, speed, and security within the framework of the capabilities available now, and it will always work to make the necessary developments as soon as the necessary material and technological capabilities are available for that.

The Academy has tried to place all the information that members, especially teachers, might need on the site’s pages, such as the About Us page, the User Agreement Privacy Policy and Vision page, and the white paper. Members should refer to these pages to save their time in the event of any questions before sending the question individually to the site administration.

The Colompo administration is happy to communicate with them through the methods available on the site to provide any ideas that the member deems helpful in improving the service and providing a better educational experience on the site.

Every teacher must place videos related to the content on specialized video networks, the most famous of which is YouTube. The teacher must place the videos on the YouTube platform in an unlisted or hidden mode and place the link to the videos in the location of the course that he shares with his students.

In the event that the content of the educational course needs to include files of the type PDF, PowerPoint, or any other means such as images or any format of e-books, the teacher must place the files for his content on the Google Cloud service or something similar and share the link to the content in the specified place. For students and in a way that allows them to download.

The largest possible number of questions must be added as a question bank, four times the number of questions that the learner must pass in order to pass the test. For example, if in order to pass any test for a lesson the learner must answer ten questions, then it is necessary to add at least forty questions or more, which will help enrich the process. Evaluation – The teacher should also choose the option for questions to appear randomly so that the same questions do not appear in the same order every time the student tries to pass the same test, which provides a better and more exciting learning experience. However, if the teacher believes that the questions must always appear in a specific order and that this serves the educational evaluation process, he may do so

PayPal primary method of payment

Why Colompo prefers PayPal as primary method of payment?

Ensure that there is no suspicion of money laundering or financing any illegal entities

Colompo must ensure that what it pays reaches the intended person directly and not to any other party, and Colompo management deals with caution in any tampering with the transfer of funds or an attempt to deliver money to a party other than the service provider whose actual identity has been confirmed through legal documents, in the event that this occurs. Any abnormal behavior or that calls for suspicion in the transfer of funds, such as suspicion of any illegal parties, the Colompo administration shall do its legal duty immediately to stop dealing with this person and those parties and report these suspicious transactions to the competent authorities in the United Kingdom, such as Scotland Yard or MA Six, and will These parties do what is necessary within the Kingdom and communicate with the security authorities within the concerned countries on the other side.

An initial note: The numbers mentioned in the following explanation are approximate numbers

In principle, and according to our knowledge at the present time, PayPal returns its share received as a commission from the returned payment process, meaning that if $100 is paid by a learner to buy cos, PayPal deducts part of this amount as PayPal commission, so it will be, for example, $7 Faisal for the academy’s website from the $93 amount.

When the academy pays the value of the teacher from the Colompo Academy account to the teacher’s account, there will also be a PayPal commission that is deducted for this process, which will be approximately another 7 dollars. If Colompo were to send an amount of 65 dollars, it would reach the teacher only 58 dollars.

The cost here may seem high if compared to others

But Colompo prefers to deal through PayPal because if the payment process is returned through the return policy, meaning if a person buys something for $100, it will reach us $93. If the person requests a refund for his money, he expects to get the full hundred dollars – if the cost is deducted from a bank. In general, the bank does not refund the cost of the transfer process, but rather will ask for another cost for the return process, meaning that if we receive $100, it reaches 93. If we want to return $100 to the customer, we must pay $7 to complete the amount, and we must pay the cost of the return, which may be another seven dollars, meaning if the process is completed. Refunding the money may cost approximately $21, according to the previous example.

But in PayPal, as long as the return process takes place within the stipulated date and laws, the return will be better, as in this case the recipient of the money returns only 93 dollars, and PayPal returns its deducted commission, so the amount is 100, and at the same time there is no cost to return the money to the customer, so he is the customer. He paid 100 and 100 were returned – and neither the buyer nor the seller lost any cost in this process.

Bank to bank payment within the UK

Colompo accepts payments from one bank account to another within the United Kingdom because most banks do not deduct fees for transferring funds and payment from bank to bank within the Kingdom. Therefore, if this is the case, this will reduce the expenses and transactions that occur for members from their accounts in the United Kingdom.

Payment between England and any bank in Europe or any other region of the world

The Colompo administration prefers to use PayPal because of its seriousness, confidentiality, and speed of transfer to documented accounts, but the Colompo administration does not mind facilitating payment for its clients, teachers or providers of any services on the site, by paying them by means that are easier and easier for them, such as Western Union. Or any bank account from which the money can be transferred, taking into account that any cost from these parties to transfer the money will be deducted from the original money and will not be borne by the Colompo administration.

Cash Payment

Colompo may have to resort to cash payment in some of its financial transactions to a limited extent, and this is done through one of its representatives who have the facility of paying in cash and then pay them the money by any means of payment.

If a company representative finds some goods or services in a market that only accepts cash payment, the payment will be made in cash and these amounts will be included in the expense book.

Illustration with an example of paying in cash

If any of the service providers or customers in one of the countries is unable to deal with a bank for any reason such as distance or inability to move due to poor health or the like, Colompo may resort to cash payment through one of its representatives in an area close to the person who needs to pay. Transferring the money to him, taking into account his circumstances, sends the client to him or establishes a contact between them so that payment can be made in the easiest way for the member.

For example, if a person lives in a country like Egypt and does not have a bank account, but he can receive money through a mobile money transfer wallet, and if a reliable client is available in Egypt, Colompo sends money to him and this client pays the person in cash or through an account. Mobile

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