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News (Surfing the Net with Kids)

  • Metric System

    Here in the states, we’re stuck between two measurement systems: the U.S. standard of inches, feet, yards, miles, ounces and pounds, and the decimal-based metric system used nearly everywhere else. How big is the bottle of soda you’re bringing to […]

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  • Giraffes

    Giraffes (the tallest of all animals) can grow to more than eighteen feet tall, nearly five feet taller than African elephants (the second tallest animal.) With their long legs, long neck, and tawny brown patches, it would be easy to […]

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  • Freedom Riders

    The Freedom Riders were approximately 400 black and white Americans who (at great personal risk) traveled on buses through the Deep South in violation of Jim Crow segregation laws, for six months starting May 4, 1961. Along the way, they […]

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  • Children’s Books

    Whether choosing books for avid readers or finding titles for reluctant readers, these websites are sure to help. In addition to book reviews, they offer games, printable worksheets, author bios and an opportunity for kids to interact with others who […]

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  • Earthquakes

    As a Californian, my life has been punctuated by earthquakes. My earliest temblor memory is the 1971 Sylmar quake. On that auspicious day I began my first job as a high school graduate. In the 1994 Northridge earthquake, my mother […]

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