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  • The little spacecraft that could

    When you think of legendary voyages of discovery you probably think of Columbus and Magellan, or Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. But what may be the greatest journey of exploration mankind has ever undertaken is happening right now. It began in ... Discuss
  • How Highly Focused Sound Waves Steadied A Farmer's Trembling Hand

    Alan Dambach was in his late 50s when he noticed how unsteady his hands had become. Over the next decade, his tremor got so bad he had difficulty eating with a spoon or fixing equipment at his family's tree farm in western Pennsylvania. "I couldn't get ...
  • Life in space: Growing food, brewing beer and making stuff

    Forty-six years after the last flight to the moon, humans are a decade or so away from putting a boot down on Mars. Like early explorations of Asia and the New World centuries ago, expeditions to Mars will last years. Depending on Mars' position ...