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  • Female birds sing. These biologists want you to listen.

    Only male birds sing. For years that was the assumption, among birdwatchers and professional ornithologists alike. After all, male birds are “the obvious ones,” says Lauryn Benedict, a biologist at the University of Northern Colorado. “They're out ... Discuss
  • Einstein made his share of errors. Here are three of the biggest

    Even people who know little about Albert Einstein's work know he was brilliant — so clever that his name is synonymous with genius. Of course, the mind that gave us the theory of general relativity, the 1915 masterwork that sealed Einstein's scientific ...
  • Surgeons target hidden cancer cells with help from glowing dyes

    It was an ordinary surgery to remove a tumor — until doctors turned off the lights and the patient's chest started to glow. A spot over his heart shined purplish pink. Another shimmered in a lung. They were hidden cancers revealed by fluorescent dye, an advance ...