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News (This Day in History)

  • First Passenger Elevator Installed (1857)

    Elevators—in one form or another—have been used to make human life easier since ancient times. They were once just simple hoists but are now incredibly complex mechanical systems. One of the most significant advances came in 1853 with the invention of a safety device to prevent elevators from plummeting in the event of cable failure. Four years later, the first passenger elevator was installed, paving the way for taller buildings and the urban geography of modern cities. Where was it installed? Discuss
  • Sacred, Centuries-Old Emerald Buddha Gets New Home (1784)

    Although legend dates the creation of the Emerald Buddha to a more ancient time, it was likely carved in the 15th century. The revered green figurine has enjoyed an eventful history ever since. After centuries of being variously lost, transported, and rediscovered, the small statue was moved with great ceremony by King Rama I to its current home in the most sacred temple in Thailand, the Wat Phra Kaew. Its three sets of gold clothing are periodically changed according to what schedule?
  • The First Rock Major Concert Is Held, Gets Shut Down (1952)

    On the night of March 21, 1952, more than 20,000 fans tried to pack into the Cleveland Arena, which had an actual capacity of about half that number. Consequently, authorities shut down that evening's concert, the Moondog Coronation Ball, just minutes into the opening act, Paul Williams and his Hucklebuckers. The show is considered to have been the first major rock concert in history. It was promoted by Alan Freed, the Cleveland disc jockey believed to have coined what term?