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News (Macworld)

  • Today Only, Amazon Will Discount $8.62 off All Orders $50 Or More - Deal Alert

    Buy at least $50 worth of stuff on Amazon today, Feb 22, and you'll see a magical $8.62 discount applied at checkout when you enter the code BIGTHANKS. Yes -- it's free money. Amazon is offering this one-day discount to celebrate a 86.27 score they were given on a recent corporate reputation survey. If you've been putting off some purchases, today might be a good day to pull the trigger. Head over to Amazon and get your discount right now.

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  • Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens review: New elements give a familiar formula replay value

    Even after a slew of Lego video game adaptations over the years, Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($40 on the Mac App Store) is able to offer new elements and add humor and replay value. Beginning with the Battle of Endor from Return of the Jedi, the game has you and your Ewok allies take on the Imperial forces while Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader team up against Emperor Palpatine aboard the second Death Star, the game running you through its tutorial segments all the while.

    legoswtfa1 Lego Group

    Start with the classic Endor setting from “Return of the Jedi” and go from there.

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  • Hands-on with Omnicharge Pro, one smart battery for all your devices

    We live in an age where belief, in anything, can be difficult—especially where crowdfunded products are concerned.

    I’ve been burned several times by kickstarted tech projects over the years. Mostly, the delivered goods underwhelm compared to what was promised. In some cases, a return on my investment never materialized at all. I’d all but given up on crowdfunded gear, but after using their Omnicharge’s batteries for the past few months, I want to believe that this startup is doing things right.

    solarSéamus Bellamy

    Omnicharge batteries can be juiced up via an included wall wart or, if you have one, using a solar panel.

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  • How to rip DVDs with Handbrake

    [Editor’s note: The MPAA and most media companies argue that you can’t legally copy or convert commercial DVDs for any reason. We (and others) think that, if you own a DVD, you should be able to override its copy protection to make a backup copy or to convert its content for viewing on other devices. The law isn’t entirely clear one way or the other. So our advice is: If you don’t own it, don’t do it. If you do own it, think before you rip.]

    You may buy and rent digital movies, or even get digital copies of your films when you buy DVDs so you can watch them easily on an Apple TV or iOS device. But not all movies offer digital copies, and you may not want to buy movies from the iTunes Store; you may want to own hard copies of your favorite films. Or, you may, like me, buy DVDs of concerts and operas, or have a collection of older DVDs, such as my box sets of The Honeymooners and The Twilight Zone.

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  • It's not too late for Apple TV

  • Best Bluetooth speakers

    Last updated February 21, 2017 to include our review of the Vizio SmartCast Crave 360.

    There was a time when Bluetooth speakers were like jelly beans: They were cheap, they all looked the same, and they were invariably of dubious quality. Times have changed. Every major audio manufacturer has at least one model on the market today, and most have several. If you haven’t listened to a Bluetooth speaker lately, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise.

    But the industry’s progress doesn’t mean that every Bluetooth speaker justifies its price tag, no matter how inexpensive it might be. There’s still plenty of dreck floating around. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you steer clear of the junk and point you to the best speakers at the price range that fits your budget. To that end, we’ve picked the best Bluetooth speakers in four broad price ranges: budget, mid-range, high-end, and—yes, there are ultra-high-end Bluetooth speakers—price is no object.

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  • 75% off Brother P-Touch PT-D210 Label Maker - Deal Alert

    The PT-D210 makes it easy to create great-looking labels for your home and office. With convenient one-touch keys, you can quickly access fonts, symbols, frames and templates. Plus, you can preview your work on the display. The highly rated unit is a #1 best-seller on Amazon, where it has been discounted 75%, for what will likely be a limited time. So instead of $40 you'll be paying just $10. See the deal now on Amazon.

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  • Steam Link Is 60% Off - Mirror Your Gaming Setup to TV at 1080p - Deal Alert

    The Steam Link allows existing Steam gamers to expand the range of their current gaming set up via their home network. Just connect your Steam PC or Steam Machine to your home network, plug into a TV, and stream your games to the Link at 1080p. Video and audio data is sent from your computer to the Steam Link, while your controller input is sent back in real time. Virtually every game that your computer runs can be played on your TV. Steam Controller, Xbox One USB wired, Xbox 360 USB wired, Xbox 360 wireless, PS4, PS3 wired and Wii-U Pro controllers are compatible, as are many third-party Xbox controllers. Steam Link's typical price is $50, but right now you can get it on Amazon for just $20. See the significantly discounted Steam Link on Amazon.

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  • Best Buy has cut the MacBook Air's price tag to $800

  • iPhone 8 rumors: 3D camera sensor for AR and facial recognition, but no curved display

    The iPhone 7 you got for the holidays still has that new-iPhone smell, but that won’t stop anyone from speculating about the next iPhone. After all, 2017 marks the iPhone’s 10th birthday, so Apple is reportedly gearing up to make its anniversary edition extra special.

    We’ll keep track of the latest rumors and how plausible they are, and we’ll put them in one spot (this one!) so you can bookmark this link and just pop on over when you want to read the latest.

    If you passed on the iPhone 7 to wait for the iPhone 8—or the iPhone 7s or whatever name Apple decides to use—it sounds like the next phone could be the design refresh you were waiting for. Just don’t expect the headphone jack to return.

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  • Facebook's latest Snapchat attack: WhatsApp status updates

    As Snapchat prepares to go public with its hotly anticipated IPO, it already has a formidable foe. Facebook has been launching digital missiles at the image messaging app for years, building a copycat feature into Instagram, stickers and effects in Messenger, and even testing a Direct Share option for photos in Facebook itself. Now Snapchat has yet another Facebook-backed competitor, and it may prove to be the most formidable at all.

    WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging app, just announced that it is getting into the disappearing message game. WhatsApp is celebrating its eighth birthday by launching a complete revamp of its status feature, which helped catapult it to worldwide popularity. Where previously you could only customize it with clever text expressions, now you can share photos and videos as a status update, complete with funky filters and effects.

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  • Amazon Prime Members Get 20% off Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition For Xbox One - Deal Alert

    For a limited time, if you're an Amazon Prime Member (or have a free trial -- get one here) you'll see the price drop an extra 20% on Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition for Xbox One. Price drop activates when you add it to your cart, and sinks the price from $79.88 to $63.99. Combining tactical combat with card-based strategy, your deck is your army in all new Blitz mode as you build collections of powerful Halo vehicles and troops and command those units in fast-action matches. See the discounted Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition on Amazon.

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  • Unbreakable: Arrest of Samsung president huge win for Samsung

    What color is the sky in Samsung’s world? Well, being Samsung’s world, it is always blue. Seems kind of obvious when you say it out loud.

    Writing for Forbes, Parmy Olson tells us everything’s coming up Samsung! Again! Still! Whatever!

    “Samsung May Be Just Fine After Chief's Arrest.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Alex.)

    If you’re into the high octane thrills of riding roller coasters, try being an investor in Samsung.

    Do you like self-destructive behaviors? Do you ever get on the freeway late at night going the wrong way, just to feel alive? Because, boy, do we have a stock for you!

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  • LuMee Duo review: Let there be light, and with this iPhone case, there was light

  • On the hunt for Pokémon Go's 80-plus new monsters

    It finally happened: more than 80 new monsters have been added to Pokémon Go in the app's latest update. They’re wandering the world map in droves, breathing new life into a game that has gradually lost player interest since its overwhelming debut las summer.

    Remember what it was like to play the game when it first launched back in July? True, you’re less likely to find crowds of people hovering around Poké Stops or gyms these days, but what this update has returned to the game, just like when it first debuted, is the joy of discovery.

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  • Why Apple’s 'Planet of the Apps' totally misses the point of original programming

    Apple is making a big push towards creating original programming, and we're starting to see what some of that effort looks like.

    Last week, Apple released a trailer for its first original show, the pun-tastic Planet of the Apps, debuting on Apple Music. And in this week’s episode of The iPhone Show, Oscar gets a strong reaction to Planet of the Apps being called “original” programming. Based on the trailer, the reality show looks more like an infomercial wrapped in a giant dad-joke. Watch the video above to see why.

    Planet of the Apps follows a very specific TV formula by having iOS developers pitch their app idea to celebrity judges. It’s basically Shark Tank meets The Voice. And Apple’s other show debuting this year, Carpool Karaoke, doesn’t stray very far from the celeb-driven concept, either.

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  • 23% off SnapPower Guidelight - Outlet Coverplate with LED Night Lights - Deal Alert

  • Report: Apple will debut new iPad Pro lineup at March event

    Spring is just around the corner, which means we’re likely getting close to another Apple event—and the rumor mill is starting to churn. Japanese site Mac Otakara released a report on Monday claiming that Apple will host an event in March with its new iPad Pro lineup in the starring role. According to the report, Apple will announce new 7.9-inch and 10.5-inch models, and will refresh the existing 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros. Mac Otakara’s research was first spotted by MacRumors.

    This is promising news for iPad mini fans: The mini currently holds the 7.9-inch size slot, so if this rumor holds true, it looks like Apple will be phasing out the iPad mini 4 with a leaner iPad Pro. The 7.9-inch iPad Pro is also rumored to have a Smart Connector, True Tone display, and a 12-megapixel rear-facing camera—which will be standard features across the whole line. 

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  • 4 ways to block political posts on Facebook

    The deluge of political rants, memes, and arguments in your Facebook feed is hardly ending—if anything, it’s getting louder. Whether you participate in these posts, just seeing them is proven to be wearing and stressful, and can ultimately be a drain on your productivity.

    You don’t necessarily have to swear off social media completely to get relief, nor do you have to start a campaign of “unfriending” folks with offending opinions. There are several free browser add-ons that will help you purge your feed of politics—or at least keep it out of sight long enough to get your work done. Here are a few of the best.

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  • What happens to facial recognition and other information when copying a Photos library to a new Mac

    Shay Levy has a 115GB Photos library, and has spent years marking faces and entering keywords. Shay is worried that this information will be lost when moving to a new Mac, even though they have iCloud Photo Library enabled.

    Since iCloud doesn’t sync face and keyword information, the option to just enable iCloud sync in the new computer is not an option for me.

    So how should I solve this? I’m also hoping that I will not have to turn off the option to optimize mac storage on the old computer before moving the library since I currently don’t have enough space for that. But maybe that’s the only option.

    Apple says keywords are synced, which I can confirm, as I have two Macs hooked up to iCloud Photo Library. (As noted many times, iOS Photos lacks the ability to view or set keywords, titles, and descriptions, which remains a baffling omission many years into iOS.)

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  • 30% off Veepeak USB Rechargeable LED Motion Sensor Light for Closet with Magnetic Mounting - Deal Alert

    The Veepeak Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light offers a simple solution to lighting any area inside your home. The portable and detachable design makes it versatile enough to be used as a night light in hallways and bedrooms or as a cabinet or closet light for dim areas. Installation is a breeze, the magnetic strip with 3M adhesive allows you to quickly mount wherever you need extra light.  This light is motion activated and will automatically turn on once it detects motion; when no movement is detected for about 20 seconds, the light will automatically turn off. This LED light is powered by built-in Lithium battery which can be charged with included USB cable by a phone charger or PC USB port. No electric wire, no need to replace batteries and one full charge provides up to 500 times of sensing at full brightness.  This light currently averages 4.5 out of 5 stars (read reviews) and is discounted 30% down to just $13.99. For more information and buying options, see the discounted LED Motion light on Amazon.

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  • All things being unequal: It makes comparing iPhones easier

    Turns you that you can make comparisons between iPhones so much easier with this one weird trick.

    Writing for The Boy Genius Report, Zach Epstein says all you iPhone 7 owners are saps.

    “If you have an iPhone 7, you got the wrong iPhone.”


    Today marks exactly five months since Apple first released the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Five months since Apple officially changed its iPhone strategy, reusing the same design on a non-“S” model smartphone for the first time ever.

    They look exactly the same! Except where they don’t, in color and the placement of the antenna lines. So, exactly the same.

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  • The Week in Apple News: WWDC dates announced, Apple’s original TV shows, the future of Apple TV, and more

    Apple headlines for the week ending Feb. 17, 2017
    Apple headlines for the week ending February 17, 2017

    Image by Apple

    Apple announced the dates for its Worldwide Developers Conference and the company also revealed a change in venue. If you’re not a developer, that’s OK, there are plenty of Apple-related headlines in this week’s roundup; check them out in this slideshow. Just click on the link to get more information.

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