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  • Trump mulls options in Afghanistan

    President Trump is hunkered down at the White House as he considers whether or not to send more US military personnel to Afghanistan. CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports.
  • Fareed Zakaria: The problem with today's elites

    CNN's Fareed Zakaria says that the delayed reaction of America's leadership class to President Trump's reaction to Charlottesiville tells a story about the country's elite and why President Trump was able to win the White House.
  • US troops in Afghanistan: A history

    US troops have been fighting in Afghanistan since 2001, making it the longest war in American history.
  • US Navy destroyer collides with ship

    The USS John S. McCain collided with a merchant vessel near Singapore, marking the fourth accident involving US warships in Asian waters in 2017.
  • The Chef Bringing Native American Food to Your Table

    Native American chef Sean Sherman was raised on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. These days, as owner of the company Sioux Chef, he dedicates his time to revitalizing Native American cuisine. In his dishes, Sherman uses local ingredients that are indigenous to North America, while eschewing colonial ingredients, such as beef, wheat flour and dairy. But it’s not just certain ingredients that distinguish Sherman’s approach to food. His creations are truly gourmet. And with each beautiful dish, this chef is helping re-educate the American palate.
  • Pansori: South Korea’s Authentic Musical Storytelling

    They say that the finest work of pansori can make your heart stop beating. Pansori is a traditional South Korean form of storytelling, operatic in style, that relies on the authenticity, intensity and power of the singer’s voice to express stories of love, death, tradition, honor. A perfect performance does not strive for purity or perfection of voice; rather it embraces all sides of the human experience. One of pansori’s virtuosos is Ahn Sook Sun, a living legend in Korea’s cultural history. For Ahn, the only way of mastering the ancient art is for each singer to build her own authentic sound.This Great Big Story is a paid contribution by Genesis.
  • A Colorful Eagle With an Uncertain Future

    Bateleur eagles are majestic birds. Despite their medium size, their wingspans stretch up to six feet long. Endemic to Africa and parts of the Arabian Peninsula, these avians have bright red faces and feet, with brown and black patterned feathers. Bateleurs are carrion eaters, and will show up with vultures to eat dead carcasses. Unfortunately, a shrinking habitat has caused a major drop in its global population.
  • Search on for missing USS John Mccain sailors

    A search is underway for 10 missing sailors following the collision of the USS John McCain and a merchant ship in the South China Sea. CNN's Kyung Lah reports.
  • Barcelona terror suspect still on the run

    As the city of Barcelona, Spain, continues to mourn those who perished in the August 17th terror attack, a suspect remains at large. CNN's Isa Soares reports.
  • The social media fashion mogul from Ghana

    Award winning fashion blogger Afua Rida spreads her influence across the country
  • Creating a fashion forward design label in Cameroon

    This designer is using fabrics from around the world to create her own style
  • Styling international success through colorful handbags

    Meet the Ghanaian designer turning heads with her bright handwoven bags
  • 10 US Navy sailors missing after collision

    Ten US Navy sailors aboard the USS John McCain are missing after the guided-missile destroyer collided with a merchant vessel east of Singapore. CNN's Matt Rivers reports.
  • Man confesses to stabbing 3 children

    Antonio Williams has confessed to stabbing to death his 6-year-old sister and two young cousins while babysitting the family at their Maryland home, police said.
  • Full interview on USS Indianapolis discovery

    Director of Subsea Operations Robert Kraft talks with CNN's Ana Cabrera about discovering the USS Indianapolis.
  • US: More victims of sonic weapon in Cuba

    US and Canadian diplomats and their families have been attacked by a sonic weapon in Cuba. The US and Canada are investigating. CNN's Patrick Oppmann and Amara Walker discuss this unusual story.
  • Dwyane Wade teaches son to drive $300K Ferrari

    NBA star Dwyane Wade is teaching his son how to drive in a Ferrari. HLN's Andy Scholes has the story.
  • 'Daily Show' creator talks sexism and Trump

    Co-creater of "The Daily Show" Lizz Winstead reflects on comedy and sexism in the age of Donald Trump in an interview with CNN's #GetPolitical series.
  • Kraft: Finding USS Indianapolis was thrilling

    The USS Indianapolis, sunk by a Japanese submarine during World War II, has been found. CNN's Ana Cabrera talks to the director of the subsea operations Robert Kraft, who help discover the ship.
  • North Korea makes threat about annual exercise

    North Korea makes a threat about possible nuclear war due to joint US and South Korean military exercises. CNN's Kyung Lah has the story.
  • Dick Cavett on Jerry Lewis' serious side

    Dick Cavett, friend of the late actor and comedian Jerry Lewis, said people were often surprised Lewis had a serious side to him off camera.
  • Santorum: Issue of race 'obscures the larger problem'

    Our State of the Union panel of Nina Turner, Rick Santorum, Bakari Sellars and Rep. Scott Taylor discuss the aftermath of the Charlottesville and Boston rallies.
  • Falwell Jr. clarifies tweet on Trump's remarks

    Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. explained what he meant in a tweet about President Trump's Charlottesville statements. CNN's Ana Cabrera reports.
  • CNN10 - 08/21/17

    A total solar eclipse, a look at daily life near the Korean Demilitarized Zone, and a CNN Hero's efforts to help sun bears are today's top stories.
  • Mattis: New Afghanistan strategy decided

    Secretary of Defense James Mattis confirmed that a decision has been made on a new US strategy in Afghanistan and south Asia, and said he wants to wait for President Trump to announce it before disclosing the details.
  • Relatives of terror suspects are in shock

    Relatives of the terror suspects in Spain are shocked and horrified at the events that have taken place. CNN's Melissa Bell has their story.
  • Crowds flock to view total eclipse

    CNN's Miguel Marquez talks with Americans who are making plans to watch the first total solar eclipse viewable from the US mainland since 1979.
  • Uncomfortable questions about President Trump

    CNN's Brian Stelter says there are uncomfortable questions about President Trump's fitness to lead that journalists aren't asking.
  • James Murdoch's $1 million donation to ADL

    Was 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch's criticism of President Trump and contribution to the ADL just a PR move? Brian Stelter and Tanzina Vega discuss the disconnect between the CEO's action and Fox News Channel's coverage.
  • Schiff: Not at a point to talk 25th amendment

    On State of the Union, Jake Tapper asks Rep. Adam Schiff to address Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier's calls for invoking the 25th amendment.